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I have always been fascinated with technology, but my way to Tech wasn’t very direct. On the other hand it was full of experiences which now help me to create and manage very diverse products.

BA in Anthropology
I started with BA degree in Anthropology and Linguistics. I was part of Propp Research Centre in Saint-Petersburg State University. I was very lucky to be taught by I. Veselova and S. Adonyeva, two bright and demanding professors. They demonstrated us the best of analytical thinking  which I try to follow and exercise.
MSc in Cultural Management
Later on obtained a MSc Degree in Organization and Innovation in Culture and the Arts from the University of Bologna (Faculty of Economics) with research focus on legal aspects of digital communication: copyrights and licensing. It gave me a good basis of management and business planning along with understanding of how creative industries and culture work.
Barcelona - here we are!
It was Barcelona where my full-time tech career started and where it goes on. In November 2014 I moved here to participate in a grant program within BCNLabaratori. Later on became a freelancer and worked on 15 projects since then.


Some great people
I met on the way

Isaac Pierre Racine
Production Designer
Shashank Shrivastava
Alquimia team
Digital Innovation Studio
Artist Connective
BCN Lab Team
Creative Network
Andrzej Raszyk
Concept writer, producer, consultant in the cultural and creative sector.
Paz Ponce Perez
Gauthier Lesturgie
Curator/Art Critic
David Sheffield
Financial Planning and Investment Management
Faye Green
Eduardo Conceição
Michael Eureka O’Hanlon
Artist/Community Development manager
Nuno Vicente
Anaisa Franco
New Media Artist
Alexandra Lakovnikova
Founder of Ctrl+D marketing agency
Nino Nikoleishvili
Founder and Managing Director at Georgian National Youth Orchestra
Anwesha Chakraborty
Researcher on History of Science
David Gómez Durán
Research Professor, Autonomous University of Hidalgo State
Scrusci Festival Team
Festival of experimental music