I consult on digital products, contribute to conceptual and visual design.

What do I do?
As a consultant I take part in several stages of product development: Gap analysis, UX /UI research, stakeholder and market research.
How do I do it?
I find myself in the middle of Design, Business and Tech. I listen to your business needs, gather information on current performance and future goals, analyse competitors based on UX/UI research and market analysis. I love data and always try to get deeper than F. 24-35 y.o.
What is the process?
I empathize, ideate and research with you. We go through idea-to-prototype and prototype-to-market brainstorming, testing, adjusting and finally building The Product.
What do I deliver?
As part of market research I deliver analysis based on various data, surveys and assumptions based on our combined intuition  (sometimes it counts!). For UX/UI research assignments I usually make design proposals.
Let's research, test and build together
New to product development?
No problem! I created this Client’s Guide to product development for these who have little or no prior experience with digital products, but want to build one. It will help you to understand the process and plan a project.
Ask for a guide